Designed for soldiers in battlefields


Bleeding Control Solutions, Combat Proven Technology

Advanced Haemostatic Gauze
USFDA Cleared, 510(k) K222909

5 Years Shelf Life Active on all sides

Stops severe bleeding instantly

5x extra absorbent than standard gauze

100% Chitosan Rolled Gauze

Reduced risk of wound contamination

Active haemostatic gauze

Easy to apply and painless removal

Our Global Footprint: Extending to 50+ Countries


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Axiostat Military Haemostats are designed to be used in battlefield conditions and comes in rugged metal pouch, camouflaged packing for easy carrying.

Axiostat uses Protonated Bioadhesive Technology (PBT®), which is a battlefield proven technology to achieve haemostasis in a easier and quicker way. The product and technology assists special forces to stop profuse bleeding caused due to on-field calamities

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A collaborative study with Harvard
Medical School
Pivotal study on haemostats & their mechanism of action in controlling massive bleeding
Axiostat Gauze is now
USFDA Cleared, 510(k) K222909