Defending the Defenders

Axiostat is the Haemostat of choice of more than 300 battalions of Indian armed forces, and is currently being used by Special Forces, Paramilitary Forces & Army across Europe and Asia.

Powered By Protonated Bioadhesive Technology (PBT®)

Why Axiostat ?

Our haemostat dressings are designed for first responders in conflict areas where medical readiness and extreme usability are paramount. Axiostat is a bioactive haemostatic dressing that works on a unique charge-based mechanism to stop the bleeding quickly.

When Blood Matters, Time Matters- Prolong The Golden Hour For Critically Injured

The golden hour is the critical period immediately after a serious injury. Prompt treatment to stop bleeding during this emergency hour can save lives in the combat field.

Axio is focused on stopping preventable deaths during the "Golden Hour" through its innovative bleeding control technology- Axiostat.

We Serve Their Cause

Air Force
Civilian Forces
Coast Guard
Disaster Relief
Emergency Military units

Our Technology

Engineered To Save Lives! Our proprietary Protonated Bioadhesive Technology (PBT®) based Axiostat enables faster haemostasis due to the strong bioadhesion and electrostatic interaction between the positively charged chitosan and the negatively charged blood cells.

A Life-saving Experience

“ During one operation three boys were injured and all three applied axiostat themselves. Prevented bleeding. It was really good to see the fruit of training and life saving product.”

“ Myself used Axiostat blood clotting patches in operational area in Baster Dist. of Chattisgarh. I used these pads on several personnel who were injured in IED Blast and witnessed a good result of these pads”

“ Axiostat is a wonderful product which we used during Gunshot wounds and helped to stop bleeding. This product has great scope in battlefields to help in controlling bleeding instantly and save Lives”

“ It is to inform you that the product which was sent to us was experimented by our doctor and found that bleeding stopped within 3 minutes. It is also found that there is not any toxic effect observed while conducting the test and no post applying infection found”.

“This is to inform you that we had procured Axiostat and was sent for election duty. It was used in one of the accidental cases and it worked very well compared to Quikclot. There was no smell and easy to use”
A collaborative study with Harvard
Medical School
Pivotal study on haemostats & their mechanism of action in controlling massive bleeding
Axiostat Gauze is now
USFDA Cleared, 510(k) K222909